How to Prepare For a Virtual Interview


Test Your Technology

  • Check your internet connectivity, confirm your camera and microphone are working. Don’t procrastinate until the morning of – try to test it with a buddy for a “get-together” if you can J

    Minimize Distractions

  • What room will you be in? If you’re in the living room or family room, make sure the TV is off. Make sure you have good lighting, near a window maybe, and make sure you are the focal point! (Just like an in-person interview, make sure your phone is on silent as well!)

    Don’t Click Around

  • You want to appear focused and ready to go! Clicking around, looking at the website, looking at your resume, it is all still a distraction. You want to be prepared with answers to interview questions, so you don’t have to look it up.

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • If you can’t practice with a friend, use the mirror! You don’t want to be adjusting, fidgeting or looking at your facial expressions in the corner screen while you’re talking to the interviewer. You can use post its! They can’t see them on your screen – use them to remind yourself of talking points, questions or answers you’ve come up with instead of looking down too much.

    Careful of Your Body Language

  • Bummer that you can’t shake hands, but give a good wave and a nice smile! Sit up straight, keep the camera at eye level, and look at the camera when responding, not the image of the person on the screen.
    • Pick the right outfit! This is still important, even though you are in the comfort of your own home. Less is more – let your personality shine, avoid distracting jewelry or clothing, you want to make sure that the interviewer is focused on your responses.
    • Wear the company colors if possible!
    • Even though you are on a screen, details matter. Ironed clothing, look organized and out together (also, no gum!).
    • The less fidgety you are, the more confident you appear J

      Questions Galore

  • Just the same as an in-person interview, have your own questions prepared! 3-4 is typically a good rule of thumb, but have some backups in case. It’s always great when they answer your questions during the interview, but you don’t want to risk not having any if that happens. Maybe some personal questions – how long have they been with the company? What do they love most about the job/company? What makes their culture? Get creative!

    Send a Thank You Email!

  • Did you bond over something? Did you want to reiterate anything they said that you liked (shows you were listening)? Send that thank you email asap, always helps J

You can’t read the “vibe” as well but you can still let your personality shine and just be yourself! Be enthusiastic and interested and you will wow them J Happy Interviewing!