Placing qualified employees since 1969

After more than 45 years of providing staffing and employment search services to thousands of companies — first as Dolphin Staffing, and now as Humera Administrative and Professional Staffing — we offer the MN business community a unique brand of HR services steeped in experience, knowledge, and dependability.

More than just a ‘temp agency’, Humera Administrative & Professional Staffing is a full-service HR supplier and resource center. The tailored staffing solutions and implementation programs we provide serve to measurably improve our clients' HR cost efficiencies. Our comprehensive menu of value-added support services offer a multi-faceted approach to satisfying their individual and varied HR demands.

Our exceptionally efficient recruitment system HARMONY™ is designed and proven to readily attract and retain highly-qualified and well-seasoned professionals across a variety of skill classifications — allowing Humera Administrative and Professional Staffing clients to feel secure in the knowledge that virtually any staff requisition they submit will be promptly fulfilled.

It is our promise of quality and fulfillment delivered within established budget constraints that serves to distinguish Humera Administrative & Professional Staffing from other staffing companies in Minnesota. It is why an ever increasing number of discerning human resource and procurement managers choose Humera Administrative & Professional Staffing to be their primary staffing provider.