How to Embrace Change in the Workplace


Accept change – This sounds so easy but in reality it is one of the biggest obstacles in keeping your company flexible and adaptable to changing times. You have to be open to new ideas, have the courage to overhaul your business model and handle business in a way you never thought possible (such as having your staff completely remote). Realizing that you can adapt and adjust no matter how insurmountable the task may seem can give you confidence when another roadblock happens later. Because it will come! Accept change and come to work with a “yes” attitude, and you’ll see how flexible you and your staff can truly be. Your employees may never be back in the office for 40 hours a week, and that’s ok. Find the silver lining in the situation and think of it as you giving your employees autonomy over their work schedule for when they want to be in the office vs. at home. Not only will your current employees appreciate the ability to dictate their work schedule, but eventually this will be a huge attraction for future employees as the economy starts to pick up and more people begin looking for work. Working from home will most likely be a lasting effect of this pandemic and it’s in your best interest to embrace this change as permanent now.

Communication is key – Keep everyone on your staff in the loop and help them feel like they’re right along with you in this adjustment. Don’t keep employees in the dark on what changes are coming down the road, invite them into meetings and ask for their ideas on how to change for the better. You never know what people can create together. Let your employees know your new goals for the company and lay out how everyone can work together to achieve them. Feeling like everyone is all in this together can increase morale and help stave off feelings of isolation and discomfort in the new normal. Maintain positivity in the office and keep your employees engaged.

Make a Plan – Change of any sort can seem overwhelming and have ripple effects that you can’t predict. Lay out a plan for how you will implement changes and ensure they are small and more manageable steps so you can stay on top of any issues relating to change along the way. Have a long-term plan but stay flexible to inevitable obstacles.
Change can be scary but also is an unavoidable aspect of life. By keeping these three tips in mind, you can adjust to anything the world throws at you – even a global pandemic